I created this dictionary as a way of researching the history, the science, and the design of all things lighting. I was inspired by General Electric's light bulb packaging designs, 1970's address books from Park Sherman, and Science Digest Magazines from the 1970's. 

After alphabetically compiling a list of terms and definitions that related to lights, I created illustrations to accompany them. I acquired a vintage 1970's Park Sherman address book where I took out the interior pages and individually scanned each one. In Illustrator, I recreated the shape of each page in order to make sure the bottom tabs would align with the machine. Then, I designed each page using the typeface Eurostile which was created in 1962, but was used heavily in the 1970's for Science Fiction, labeling on electrical products like receivers and clocks. For the paragraph type I used Atlas Typewriter from Commercial Type. After that, I printed these designs onto manila paper, and hand cut each page to put back into the address book so that the user of this dictionary could alphabetically flip through and learn about lights. And finally, I vinyl cut "The Light Dictionary" to place on top.


IMG_6334 copy.jpg