Trains Magazine Custom Type

The purpose of this project was to create a custom headline for an already published editorial spread. 

I chose a train magazine because I have always had a fascination with trains. This particular spread in "Trains Magazine" struck a cord with me because the type was so bland. There is so much history behind the American railroad system that a simple sans serif typeface could not be fully effective. 

First, I found old railroad pamphlets from the 1920-1950s. Then, I did some ink trace studies of the typography from them. I knew I wanted a thick, bold, heavy duty slab serif. I then sketched out some ideas. I also wanted to have a hint of railroad within the type so I made the cross bars extend to the left in order to portray motion and railroad tracks. Then I scanned my sketches in and created the custom typeface on Illustrator using a somewhat modular  block system.

This was originally a three week flex design project lead by typeface designer, Greg Gazdowicz, from Commercial Type. I spent some of my spare time in the summer perfecting the typeface.

Original Spread from  Trains Magazine

Original Spread from Trains Magazine

Trace studies

Preliminary sketches

Final spread with new customized typography

Final spread with new customized typography

Type specimen

Type specimen

Full alphabet